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Let us help you gain an edge in the Houston market.

Our team of Houston commercial leasing experts will drive results using a combination of traditional experience and modern tools. We have deep roots in the Houston commercial market that allows us to stay ahead of the competition and find the best real estate options in town. Our unparalleled research team knows who is searching for what, where, when and for how much.

We understand how to reconcile challenges between your budget and your ambition. Our professional team can guide you through the pitfalls of commercial leasing and set your project up for success. Let our knowledge and experience work for you, to create a template that addresses your pain points and highlights your strengths. Prime Management will design a unique plan that boosts profits, mitigates risk and helps negotiate lucrative lease terms.

Why choose Prime Management?

Extensive Support

We utilize our experience to guide you through the leasing process from beginning to end. Our 30+ years of experience will lead you through everything from finding an area, to complex legal questions, to the culmination of a lease agreement.

Mitigate Risk

Our goal is to create lasting success for our Houston clients. We find leasing opportunities that pose minimal risk and maximum profit potential. Your success is our success.

Improve Your Visibility

We understand modern marketing practices that work in the Houston market. Our deep local network will allow you to effectively market to your desired audience through a tactical combination of traditional and cutting-edge marketing tools and platforms.

Comprehensive Leasing

Our longevity in the Houston commercial leasing market has allowed us to create an extensive leasing portfolio. We offer integrated services that work in conjunction to provide results that are driven by proven tactics and real-world research.

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